Nightmare in the Woods


One family’s strange and terrifying encounter with Bigfoot in the summer of 1976.

“A must have for your Bigfoot Library”

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The Little Englishman


A true tale of kidnapping, slavery, Indians, hardship and survival in the Canadian wilderness. The coming of age story of one boy's journey and how he became a healer.

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Bigfoot Siting. See actual photos of this amazing encounter. Click Here!


Nightmare in the Woods - This is awesome. A must for every Big Footer. Very entertaining and spellbinding. Read with an open mind. I would recommend it. I couldn't put it down until I finished reading it.

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Nightmare in the Woods - If you like to read about Bigfoot encounters then you will like this book! The author made you feel like you were right there with him. His encounters with Bigfoot were scary, and I can only imagine how terrified he must have been as a young boy to have had Bigfoot in his own backyard! I sincerely admire Mr. Verge for coming forward with his story. If he has more encounters with Bigfoot I hope he writes another book!

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The Little Englishman - Truly Unexpected  - First let me say I have found an unexpected treasure of a story that you do not see too often in today’s literature world. From start to finish I see the world through a naive and innocent boy that was forced to mature too quickly. I followed him from England to the new world of Quebec, Canada. The dangers and obstacles that he goes through were both nerve-wracking and heartbreaking. No matter what I see this character succeeds and overcomes his troubles one way or another. I highly recommend this book to any history lovers and young adventurer seekers. You can see the changes with the main character as you read the story.

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