A.H. Verge
Andre Verge when he was 8 years old, the summer he met Bigfoot


A.H. Verge and his family experienced a terrifying series of encounters with a Bigfoot when he was 8 years old. He wrote the story of that fateful summer in the hopes of better understanding this elusive creature.

He was born on a dairy farm in Westfield, VT.  He currently resides in Eastern Pennsylvania with his wife and daughters and is the founder of the Tego Tea Company, a Native American tea that  has been successful in reducing the effects of Diabetes.



Check out his latest book, "The Little Englishman" which is based on the true-life story of his great, great grandfather and how he was kidnapped off the docks in England, landed in Canada and was abducted by the Abenaki Indians. There he learned how to use natural herbs and plants to create healing medicines. These recipes became the start of Tego Tea.

He is passionate about his Native Ancestral heritage and continues to enjoy a rich, fulfilled life in the outdoors with his family and friends.

AH Verge when he was 8 years old, the summer he met Bigfoot